Smoking Cessation
with Hypnosis

“Hypnosis Most Effective Way to Give Up Smoking”
says largest study ever
University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology

Are you tired of being controlled
by cigarettes?

Are you worried about what smoking
 is doing to your lungs and overall health?
Have you tried to quit many times
 only to start again?

Are you going broke buying
 a pack or more of cigarettes a day?

Hypnosis has a very high rate of success
without drugs and without patches.
You, too, can be smoke free,
even if you lack willpower
and have tried many times to quit.

The most important factor in
stopping smoking with hypnosis
is your readiness and desire
to be smoke free.

If you are ready,
call for an appointment
and be smoke free

My smoking cessation program with hypnosis is a 3 session process.

The first session is an extensive intake, where we will look in depth at your smoking habit so I can tailor the hypnosis specifically to you.  We will also explore areas of your life where you already have created success which will be the foundation to create the picture of you as successfully smoke free.  (Remember, what you picture, you become!)  This picture we build will include the benefits you have when you are smoke-free.  From this information, we will have a hypnosis session.

The second and third session will be reinforcement hypnosis to anchor the success of you being smoke free for now and in your future.

Along with the hypnosis:

  •    I will teach you several techniques to help you take control of anxiety so that you can be calm while you make healthy choices in your life.
  •    You will receive a CD that you can listen to at home for reinforcement of your new behavior as being smoke free.


Cost for my
Smoking Cessation Program

 is $250