Gleaning the Wisdom 
as you follow the cycles on your path


Facilitating positive change in your life


The subconscious is the storehouse of our past events and traumas that have been frozen in time.  They are held and carried in our body and surrounding field in patterns of energy where they continue to drive our behavior and emotions in unwanted ways as they get triggered over and over in our present moment.

Using a variety of energy healing techniques those patterns can be balanced and released.  We then are free from unwanted emotions and behaviors that have kept us locked in the past in moments in time that were traumatic.

My mission is to create a safe space for you to find your way home; to facilitate you as you release old patterns that no longer serve you, allowing for inner peace and happiness, and, empowering you to have a life that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.


In our work together, the following are the energy healing techniques I will utilize:

EFT ~ Matrix Reimprinting
Inspirational Breath



Individual Sessions: 
$60 per hour.
(Sessions often are an hour and half)