I have known Laveta Piemme for over 25 years. When I was first introduced to her through a very good friend, I immediately felt a spiritual connection with her energy and spiritual vibrations. It was clear that she was someone extremely special in this universe; someone who has clarity and knowledge of all of the energies, elements, and emotions at play in our world and the universe. I was introduced to her at a time in my life, where I was searching for more understanding of my own experiences and struggling to move forward on my personal and spiritual life journey.
Laveta worked with me for several years as a Life Coach guiding me to experience true enlightenment through Guided Meditation with Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Techniques. When in extreme anxiety states, she incorporated many healing techniques with the Triangle of Light work. She helped me heal from blocked childhood trauma’s and change the negative effects on my mental and emotional health. Lavetas’ passion, knowledge, and true connection to the energies surrounding us are truly an amazing gift.
My name is Matthew Eckley, I am the Executive Director for Behavioral Health for a large Federally Qualified Health Center across the state of Pennsylvania. I reside in the State College area in Centre County.



Laveta is an intuitive healer who brings deep listening, wisdom and a wealth of life experience, fueled with a deep inner knowing that grounds, connects, supports any human being she connect with.  
Personally I feel deeply heard, held in loving presence, acknowledged and a deep level of trust for Laveta’s incredible array of skillsets and expertise.  A sage of our modern times and an ability to touch, heal and reconnect each human to the truth of who they are.  My experience of the triage method at different stages of my life has allowed for a deeply profound shift in my ability to heal, trust, connect to my true self, moving forwards powerfully in creation of living my very best life - I love you with all my heart Laveta - thank you universe for connecting our souls!
Kerry Bestwick
The PYP Studio

State College, PA



Laveta, as a person, counselor and teacher has been a big part of my spiritual and professional growth. 
Laveta, is, through and through, a force that resonates at a high frequency that can't be faked or personified. 
She's been supporting and assisting me through some life transitions that would've otherwise felt insurmountable with Triangle of Light, EFT, astrology and meditation. 
I have worked with her one-on-one, with my boyfriend, soon to be husband and in classes or groups. 
It is a gift to be in her presence, whether in person, virtually or reading her works. 
I can truly vouch for her authenticity, spirit and wisdom. 
Christy Thiel 
Director of Education and Customer Relations Seed2System 
Loveland CO 



I have attended and participated in Laveta’s workshops (e.g., Enneagram, Astrology, Reiki, Conscious Communication, etc.) along with personal astrology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) consultations/healings for over ten years. I have grown spiritually as a result. The interactions with group members in all workshops enhanced the experience exponentially.  I continue to look forward to Laveta’s inspiring future workshops and consultations.
Paula Bigatel
State College PA



I have known Laveta for over 20 years and consider her to truly be a “wise woman”. 
She combines a lifetime of sharply honed awareness of her experiences with formal training in mindfulness, astrology, Emotional Free Technique, Reiki, the Enneagram, and the list just goes on and on. This array of esoteric knowledge helps her understand human nature on many levels and makes her an amazing counselor. In addition to guiding her clients and students to better know themselves, she teaches them concrete skills that help them move through any of life’s challenges and difficult life transitions.
She has helped me personally, as well as family members and many of my clients, to become more self-aware and able to cope with life’s stressors effectively.  I find her therapy unique because she helps us understand how those stressors are an opening to enlightenment, by reframing suffering as an opportunity to respond from a “higher octave”.  
As a counselor she is compassionate, smart, bright, and funny and a joy to be with.
Monica Montag, MA, HHP, CN
Founder and Senior Nutritionist 
BeWell Associates
State College, PA



Laveta Piemme is an exemplary master teacher, a vessel of light and love transcending.  The EFT she offers along with conscious breathing, meditation and the triangle of light glean real for me on my life long journey to my soul's healing.  Her guided teachings and techniques provide tools for how I can live with an inward focus to slay my inner demons of regret, fears, disappointments, and failures by becoming more consciously aware of my self-sabotaging, identifying  negative feelings specific that cause me to feel disconnected from God's grace and healing light.  I'm learning who I am and who I am not.  I am not my thinking or my negative thoughts.  Inside, I am the heart of the divine flame, non-intellectually empowered.  Laveta demonstrates through her guided meditations how to avoid the flight or fight response; to come home to my true self and experience profound self-love and acceptance breathing in the beauty and tranquility of the moment at any time.  
Deborah Coran
MS .ED. Penn State University
Retired teacher of 30 years
Licensed Massaged Therapist and retired owner of Russo's Restoration
Certified Life Coach



Laveta had a significant, beautiful and deeply healing influence on my life. She fostered break-through towards a blossoming journey. She also helped me to integrate these break-through in the long term. Thanks to her work and expertise, I found great inner strength, an inner cushion I did not realize was there all along. She is multi-talented: her classes in meditation as well as EFT, her private sessions in breathing techniques, energy work and astrology all supported and boosted my well-being in a stunning way.
It is a pleasure to work with her and I hope to learn more from her in the years to come. I feel so grateful and lucky I met her.
Anne M.



I have attended various seminars including Astrology, Meditation, EFT, Communication Skills and New Moon Manifesting.  With each experience, I have grown as an individual towards the person that is within me.  Most classes have been in an intimate setting with like minded individuals that are there to grow without judgement and offer support or just a quiet presence of acceptance. The seminars are filled with an abundance of information that I have taken a few of them multiple times with further gains to the depth of material that is offered.  I have scheduled one on one sessions during personal troubled times finding a safe space to work through a tangle of thoughts.  Laveta has guided me through to find a path to peace and loving kindness.  I have found each experience to be a light to the person that I am and now able to appreciate and continue to grow.
Lisa McGraw
Port Matilda, PA



I am legally blind and teach High School in an inner-city school in Long Beach, CA.  Early one morning three days before Christmas break, I was assaulted and robbed by three men on my way to my classroom.  The attack left me with twenty-two stitches around my left eye, a cracked cheekbone and fractured coccyx.  The men took my computer and all of the assistive technology I needed to do my job.  Although I had backed up several of my instructional files, many I had not. I lost over seventeen years' worth of materials.
The police, school district and administrators were wonderful and supportive, yet when I returned to work after break, I found I was totally blocked. I was often agitated and distracted, resentful and depressed.  Many days I didn't want to go to work, and more often, I was unable to tap into my creative center to develop materials and activities for my students.
And the after-effects weren't confined to work.  I was shut down in my relationship and felt disconnected from family.
After consulting with Laveta, we set up a session.  About three quarters of the way through, I opened up and experienced a tremendous breakthrough. The relief from only one session was incredible and I found myself being more productive and efficient as I started the new school year. In fact, I found the process so valuable that I signed up for an extended workshop to recharge my energies.  Whenever I feel inordinate levels of stress and need to relax, I subvocalize the affirmations and tap my way through the pressure points.  I am generally able to regain my balance, breathe, focus and relax.  LaVeta is an expert.  I highly recommend her work.
Charles Norman



Laveta Piemme has guided me through difficult times in my life and showed me how switching my perspective on life makes all the difference.  Through her coaching I have found a new lens through which I can find calm and peace in my day-to-day life. 



I met Laveta 3 years ago following several life trauma events. Laveta has a very wonderful, powerful, loving, and spiritual way to connect with her clients. Her deep spirituality coupled with her EFT, meditation, and breath work tools brought calm, clarity and understanding to help me heal and address deep emotional struggles. She is a professional guide and coach with powerful tools to help individuals at multiple levels. 
I am a corporate executive who lives in Northern Colorado.