Why does the same behavior keep repeating itself in my life?

From the time we are born, we are gathering information from our environment that is programmed in our subconscious and embedded in the body and surrounding field in patterns of energy.  The subconscious mind (which I believe manifests as the body and energy field) is a repository of all of our life. It is the recording not only of the events that have occurred, but more importantly, the subconscious records the meaning that we have given to everything in our life by the interpretations we have made about what has happened.  (And, most of these interpretations are based on an erroneous perception that something is wrong with us.)  It is the meaning that we have ascribed to the interpretations of events in our lives that becomes the limiting beliefs and obstacles that keep us in the same dysfunctional behaviors.


How can I change my unwanted behavior and emotions?

Until we access the subconscious mind and change the patterns that are held in the body and energy field, we will continue on the same path of our past dysfunctional behaviors that create unwanted emotions.  We may well know the story of our life, however, until the energetic pattern is transformed and released from the body and energy field, we will continue to recreate the same behaviors and unwanted emotions. 


How does a session work?

My approach involves not only dialogue to help identify the limiting beliefs, but also includes energy techniques to transform and release the energetic patterns of the beliefs that are held in the body and energy field that are unknowingly creating your obstacles. 

You can read more about the specific techniques that are used.


Individual Sessions: 
$60 per hour.
(Sessions often are an hour and half)