Reiki is a gentle hands on Japanese technique that brings the body back to its natural balance. Reiki is made from two Japanese words, Rei and ki and means "spiritually guided universal life force".   It involves the transfer of the life force that is present at all times to the client, allowing the natural healing ability of the body’s wisdom to heal through the balancing of the body’s energies.

A Reiki session:

  • Brings a calmness and peace to the client as the natural balance is restored.
  • Supports the body’s innate abilities to heal itself
  • Is non-invasive and promotes health and well-being on the emotional, physical and mental levels.

You can also become a student of Reiki where you will promote self-responsibility for your health and healing.
When you become a student of Reiki, you begin to consciously unlock your innate healing abilities for your own health and healing.  Additionally, it can allow you to give support to family and friends.

In a Reiki training, the focus will be on opening you to your natural healing abilities, allowing for the Universal Life Force that Reiki is to flow through you.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I can guide you through the four Levels of Reiki:

Reiki I covers the origins and history of Reiki, as well as the ideals that are the foundation of Reiki, how the attunement process works, meditation exercises, body scanning, hand positions, and practice of self-treatment.  Reiki I facilitates you in remembering your innate healing abilities

Reiki ll is the attunement of the first 3 Reiki symbols and explores their deeper meaning and how to use them. There is training and practice in distant healing, body scanning, and beaming.  Reiki II is considered the practitioner level where there will be practice on giving a complete Reiki treatment.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART)
ART offers additional techniques designed to expand your skills for facilitating healing with Reiki. ART includes: an attunement to a 4th symbol which increases the strength and effectiveness of Reiki energy; working with crystals and how to work with a Reiki grid for continuous healing;  an exercise to begin sending and seeing energy with your eyes; aura clearing, a technique to identify and release negative emotional, mental and physical energy; a meditation to meet your Reiki guides.

Reiki Master/Teacher  is a 2-day training that includes the final 2 Reiki symbols.  The student is then instructed in giving the attunements so that they can become a teacher.  The second day is a day of practicing giving the attunements.
Whether you are interested in having a Reiki session, or in becoming a student of Reiki, it is a technique that vitalizes the body, mind, spirit and soul.

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Individual Sessions: 
$60 per hour.
(Sessions often are an hour and half)