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The following is a brief synopsis 

of the various workshops that are offered by Laveta Piemme.


Triangle of Light
Based in the process created for The Peaceful Eye of the Hurricane (see the information in the tab) this workshop introduces you to the Triangle of Light.  Each point of the triangle is one of three methods that can reduce stress:  Breathwork, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Meditation.  The process is simple and each point is explored more in depth in the day.

New Moon Manifesting Workshop
A daylong workshop taught once a year before the first New Moon after the first day of Spring.  The astrology of the New Moon is a time for creating your intentions to attract what you want.  The energies present during a New Moon aligns with the energies of manifesting.  It is the beginning of a new phase where anything is possible.  It is the same energy and principle as the Law of Attraction.  For the 12 months after the class you will receive an email with the theme of the New Moon that month so you can cast your intentions into the manifesting forces as they align in the sign in which it occurs.

Introduction to EFT
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a revolutionary healing technique that is the cutting edge of energy medicine. It is easy to learn and once practiced gives a tool for self-responsibility in healing.  In this workshop you are introduced to the basic technique.

A day long class that explores the distinction between experience and thinking. We will examine how the mind and judgment keeps you distracted from simply being in the Present moment.  I present a simple yet profound method where you can discover the Peace that is within, the Peace that is always available where you can experience Serenity.

Creating the Life you Want
Discover the underlying beliefs that limit how we create our lives. This workshop delves into how the Law of Attraction and our limiting believes are connected. There are tools that facilitate you in uncovering the limiting beliefs and also tools for manifesting what you want.

Introduction to Astrology
Astrology is a metaphoric language that interprets the energies that were present at the moment you took your first breath. The chart is a map of the sky at the moment you were born.  This class will introduce you to the symbolic meaning of the planets, signs, houses and aspects. 

Introduction to the Enneagram
The Enneagram is a system that identifies 9 personality types. The types define where the ego has positioned itself and creates a false version of who we believe we need to be so we can be acceptable.  This lens becomes the point of view through which we filter and distort objective reality.  The workshop explores the overall foundation that relates to one of the three centers: the body, heart or head.  It also makes the distinction between the Authentic and false self.

Healing has to do with Peace of mind, the ability to be in the present moment.  Forgiveness is what we do for ourselves to release us from the past that holds us prisoner allowing us then to be in the present moment.  In this workshop we will investigate how we can bring forgiveness into our lives and experience the Peace that is within.

Empowering Relationships through Conscious Communication

The way we communicate can either built or sever our relationships. This leads us either to intimacy and healing or wounding and isolation.  In this workshop we explore the three essential parts of communication: how to use language in a conscious way that builds intimacy in relationship; how co-listening and reflective listening creates a connection between you and others; and the blocks we have when listening that prevent us from understanding and being understood.

Reiki is a gently and non-invasive Japanese technique of “laying on the hands to promote healing.  This training opens one to their innate healing abilities.  Levels I ~ II ~ Holy Fire Master/Teacher

Half day Breathing retreat
In this half day retreat, you will explore the physical, emotional and spiritual gifts that conscious breath can bring: increased energy levels, improved responses to stress, lighter sense of well-being, and a deeper connection to one’s spiritual nature.  There will be 2 breath sessions between 35 and 45 minutes.  The focus will be on your intention is the underlying foundation of the breathwork.