Inspirational Breath


I began working with clients when I trained as a Transformational Breath Facilitator in 1994.  Over the years, I integrated other modalities modifying the basic technique.  A session brings a heightened awareness of inspiration, and with this, I have begun to call the breathwork sessions “Inspirational Breath”

Our body stores our painful emotional experiences and traumas from our past that we have suppressed in our abdomen and torso.  We hold our breath, and breathe shallowly to avoid feeling the pain of the old trauma and it, therefore, continues to live inside us.   Our breathing becomes restricted as we attempt to cope with those traumatic emotional or physical experiences, some going all the way back to the trauma of birth itself.  These unexpressed emotions that are held within the body become chronic tension.  When we hold such tension, inevitably it becomes expressed in our pathology as pain and disease.  Inspirational breath allows us to express and change the underlying patterns of energy of these suppressed emotions and feelings through the breathing technique that is utilized during a breathing session.  By simply breathing fully, the nervous system balances and allows emotions to be dealt with in a more centered way.

Working with the breath shifts the nervous system from fight or flight to the relaxation response.  As the body relaxes old patterns are released making space for new possibilities.  It is because of this that I call this Inspirational Breath.  A sense of joy and lightness is often the result for the client.



Individual Sessions: 
$60 per hour.
(Sessions often are an hour and half)